HOA Membership Information

Welcome to the community! As a resident of Seton, you are automatically a member of the Homeowners Association.

The Seton Homeowners Association (HOA) will be an example of how an exciting urban environment can bring out the best in community – it will be the catalyst for healthy, fun, and vibrant living. The Seton HOA will support connections and facilitate experiences for all ages and abilities as well as create a sense of belonging that will enhance the quality of life for the residents of Seton. This vibrant HOA will offer a variety of amenities, services, programs/events, and benefits exclusively for Seton residents. 

Seton’s Homeowners Association is a not-for-profit company, which is incorporated and professionally operates, manages, and maintains a shared recreation facility. The Seton HOA will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of community assets, such as: entry features, amenities and the Seton HOA facility and park for the lasting enjoyment of its membership.

Annual Fees
The Seton HOA is expected to start construction in 2020/2021 and will open in 2022/2023. Annual fees are projected to be approximately $375/year and will be due by April 1st of each year.  HOA fees will be applicable to all homes in Seton (excluding Seton Urban District) when HOA amenities open. Fees will be reviewed annually but can only be increased by rate of inflation by the Board of Directors.

Please note that timelines are subject to change.

Fiscal Year: April 1 – March 31

Fees will be due April 1st each year. We will mail a fee notice to your home in early March each year and will post information on Seton-connect.com. New members will pay a pro-rated fee based on the possession date of your home to March 31.

2019-20 fee amount: $0.00
*Fees are subject GST.