The Seton Homeowners Association is pleased to be a part of the Brookfield Vendor Connect program.

At Brookfield Residential, our passion is creating the best places to call home.

Creating community is at the heart of our business and we are continuously striving to enhance the quality of life of residents in our communities. With the help of our Active and Legacy Brookfield Communities, we are pleased to have created the Brookfield Vendor Connect Program.

Vendors are invited based on community recommendations and by being recognized as being the best in their field, while demonstrating commitment to quality, integrity and customer service excellence.


Brookfield Residential and SPUD have partnered to give you better access to healthy food!
Brookfield Residential’s mission is to drive sustainability and healthy living in their communities. Healthy food partnerships with local businesses such as SPUD provide access to food early in the development stage to residents.
Since 1997, SPUD has been committed to providing simple access to real, healthy, local food. SPUD fosters relationships with farmers, ranchers, fishermen/women, bakers and artisans, offering the freshest ingredients and products delivered directly to your home.
Support local and eat healthy! Use the code Brookfield15 on your next SPUD order to receive 15% off!

Resolve Campaign


We are proud to announce that Seton will be a part of an amazing initiative that allows accessible and affordable housing. Brookfield Residential in partnership with HomeSpace will be constructing a 45-unit affordable family-oriented development in Seton. Tenants will pay rent based on their income making it affordable.

This is the project’s first family-focused build. The project aims to bring families into Seton and creating a community within the building. Special features of the building include multipurpose rooms for counselling, support, programs and socializing. A commercial kitchen offering nutritious meals for better health. And office space for support staff.



PlayCity is a free app that connects you with others who are interested in the same activities. Find your best match based on skill level, availability, and facility membership. Discover events, facilities, and locations relevant to you! Download the app today and look for your Brookfield community and start connecting with your neighbours and get energized in your local facilities and outdoor spaces. 

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