Seton AGM Questions

The questions from the AGM have been answered! Keep on reading below to find the answers.

HOA Related Questions

Curious what the exact plan for HOA features is. Appreciate it if that can be shared. Also, more details on that mini plaza coming.
The Seton HOA is a 6-acre site that includes an approximate 7,500 sq. ft. multi-use building and a vast outdoor amenity space offering casual and active zones.  Areas include seasonal and/or dual-purpose features such as a Splash Park/Casual Skating Pad, Court Sports/Hockey Rink, Tennis/Pickle Ball Courts, Family Play Zones as well as Passive Gathering and Picnic Areas.

The high-level intended uses for the 3-acre commercial site may include a gas bar & convenience store, quick-service restaurants, liquor stores, medical/dental clinics, barber/salon & pre-school. City applications are underway and construction is anticipated to commence mid-summer for a spring/summer 2022 opening.


When will plans be announced for the HOA site?
Same as above. Site plans are being finalized, thank you to everyone who participated in the site plan survey. Stay tuned to the Seton Newsletter for regular monthly updates.


What are the plans for the HOA facilities; what sort of activity areas can we expect?
Same as above, including indoor & outdoor programming within the facility and area.


When will HOA fees be in effect?
HOA fees are activated once the site and building construction are complete and residents can enjoy use of the facilities.


We are almost a year in our house, how do we pay our annual fee? We don’t want surprises and backlogs. Thank you
Seton homeowners are not required to pay HOA fees until the site & facility are fully operational for residents. There will be continued communication throughout the process and detailed information and instruction on how to validate membership. Currently, the anticipated timeline is late 2022 early 2023.


In the design is there going to be more tennis/pickleball courts.  We don’t feel 2 would be sufficient for this neighbourhood.
The internal HOA site design currently intends for two interchangeable (tennis/pickleball) courts, plan refinement and the approval process will dictate final use.
Brookfield is committed to explore other locations within Seton to provide additional court zones within the future public greenspaces.


What will the $375.00 community fees cover?  Ie pathway clearings/shovelling? It’s so close to what we paid in Auburn Bat and they had a whole lake to pay for with our fees?
The future Seton HOA fees will be directed toward supporting the operation & maintenance of the future HOA building that will serve as the social & recreational centre as well as all of the onsite amenities for use by the Seton residents. Association fees will also support programmed HOA events, activities, the HOA website and future employees.

Any maintenance carried out on any public lands will require negotiation with & permission from the City of Calgary. Brookfield, the HOA & Board of Directors can review areas that could possibly be better maintained by the HOA vs. City forces.


Development Questions

What’s the status of a barrier between us and the Deerfoot hwy? We were told there would be one put in place! – Bruce Hunter
The sound fence currently in place is the only separation from Deerfoot Trail & 212th Avenue. The existing is designed & constructed as per the approved City of Calgary specifications. If you require further clarification or maybe referring to something else, please reach out to for more details.


Will public areas be ploughed from snow, the wetlands and the park pathways. It’s very hard to maneuver strollers currently?
Not at this time. Brookfield currently adheres to the City of Calgary snow clearing programming & bylaws. Snow clearing of any public lands would be a future negotiation with the City of Calgary and the HOA.


When will elementary and middle school will be ready??
The current pace of future planned development within Seton will provide an area for Elementary & Middle school sites within the next 5-10 years.
The need for community school sites is identified by either the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Catholic School District (school boards).  Based on demand & internal recommendations, those boards would then apply for funding through the Province to proceed with a new school build.

Students living within Seton are currently accommodated by the following schools:

Auburn Bay School (K-4) Andrew Sibbald School (K-6)
Nickle School (5-9)  
Joane Cardinal Schubert High (10-12) Dr E.P Scarlett High (10-12



St. John Henry Newman (K-9) All Saints High (10-12)


Waste and recycling bins are left out 24/7 everywhere. It’s an eyesore. What can be done?
Waste and Recycling bin maintenance is the responsibility of each individual homeowner. Carts need to be placed by 7 a.m on your collection day and then removed from the street & placed back against your fence and/or property by 7 p.m the same day.

Please follow the link below for further information:

 Any further concern should be directed to City of Calgary 311.


Are the potholes going to be fixed?  Paving from Superstore south to 1st traffic circle?
The potholes are scheduled for repair. The final top lift of pavement is scheduled to be installed this summer pending City of Calgary approval to proceed.


 Will lines/crosswalks be painted in spring?
Line painting is completed by the City of Calgary Roads Department. Lines painting is scheduled after roads have the final lift of pavement installed (typically a two-year process).


Speed limit signs?
Speed limit and all other traffic regulatory &/or control signs are installed & maintained by the City of Calgary Traffic Operations Department.
Any concerns should be directed to City of Calgary 311.


The clearing of snow at the traffic circles only clear for 1 lane but have 2 feeding into it?
Like the City of Calgary, Brookfield clears streets so that they can be driven, this does not necessarily include the entire width of curb to curb. This also slows some vehicles down as there have been a few occurrences where some have launched into the traffic circles due to uncontrolled speeds.

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