Surface Maintenance


Official letters from the companies who will be working on the surface maintenance throughout the community. All tentatively starting in July, 2020.

As part of their development obligations to the City of Calgary, Brookfield has engaged their contractors to proceed with Surface Maintenance in Seton. Surface Maintenance includes raising settled concrete, breakout and replacement of cracked or damaged concrete and installing the final lift of asphalt within roadways.

The Community Plan below highlights the areas affected:



Included in this year’s maintenance program is Phase 101 – Seton Drive, Seton Passage, Main Street, 40th Street, 42nd Street and 45th Street. Phase(s) 103/104/105 – Seton Way, Seton Circle, Seton Terrace, Seton Manor and Seton Rise.

Weather permitting, construction activity will commence July 2nd and continue throughout August 31st. Contractors will provide detailed information to each residence as they define their schedules, please refer to the attached letters for further information on the construction activity.

Below are links to the official letters from Marmot, Standard General and GeoGrout regarding the surface maintenance that will take place in July, throughout the community. Click on each letter for more information regarding the specific work being done.


Standard General


We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process.

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